4 Rare Tips to Designing your small bathroom

If you’re living in a small flat like me, we both know that it’s too hard to decorate it. Today, I’ll show you, how you can design your small bathroom.


When you’re designing your small bathroom , you should be very careful to selecting sink location.If possible try to locate it to the corner of your bathroom.

small bathroom design - locate your sink to the corner

2-Shower Curtain
If you want to save space for your small bathroom, you should use shower curtain, not glass door.  Because a shower curtain can moves but glass doors can’t.

small bathroom desiging - use shower curtain

3- Try to use large-scale pattern
If you use large-scale pattern for your bathroom, it’ll look larger

large-scale pattern for your bathroom

4- Use big mirror
Mirror is the very important thing when you’re decorating the small places. Try to use big mirror for your bathroom, it will look bigger.

use mirror for your bathroom


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