Add Function to your Tiny Rooms

Your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room or dining room could be smaller than you prefer. This seemingly small space obviously makes working in the room difficult. But it need not be so. You can easily increase the functionality of any room with a few adjustments in color and furniture arrangement. This will free up the much needed space, which you can then put to good use.1

Using a trunk bed as opposed to two regular beds in the kids’ room creates additional space that can be used as the children’s play or study area. The space under the bed can be converted to useful storage space, where you have an under-the-bed-closet of sorts, or drawers.

If you have a stairway, utilize the space underneath the stairs by converting it into a mini-store. To make it clutter free, use colorful storage boxes in hues that match the color theme of the room, or fix small shelves into the space, where you can place items of your choice. This space can also be your child’s playing zone. Decorate it in bright colors that will keep kids captivated.  You can also use wall stickers and hangings in the kid’s favorite cartoon or super hero characters to make the space truly theirs.


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