Bedroom décor tips as per Feng Shui

Feng Shui can be really energizing and can also help in a successful family life and. It helps you to get all up and started for a new and fresh day by helping you to sleep well. Here are some bedroom décor ideas as per Feng Shui

Location of the bedroom

It is important to keep your bedroom light and airy and to let the air and wind come in. Feng Shui always says that a bedroom should be big, light and airy so that all the negative vibes can disappear and instead, all the positive vibes can take its place. Place some flowers in the bedroom as a great room decor idea.

The location of the bed

The bed should be located in the north direction if you are older and the easy direction for small children. . A southeast location will help in developing good communication and creativity white a southwest will help in creating a good relationship. West direction helps to sleep well and also increases romance, wealth and prosperity.

Avoid furniture with sharp edges

Last but not the least; avoid any kind of furniture with sharp and pointed edges. Try avoiding lots of mirrors in the bedroom as well. You can log in to if you want to know more Feng Shui décor rules for your home

Bedroom décor tips as per Feng Shui

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