But this Room Is So Small: Color It Dark Anyway

Conventional practice has it that dark hues are a major no for small spaces. If you are like most of us, the bright-colors-only blueprint is one you have faithfully followed over the years. If you have had enough recycling of the neon colors, whites and light blues, it will be comforting, inspiring even, to know […]

Add Function to your Tiny Rooms

Your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room or dining room could be smaller than you prefer. This seemingly small space obviously makes working in the room difficult. But it need not be so. You can easily increase the functionality of any room with a few adjustments in color and furniture arrangement. This will free up the […]

Lighting Solutions for Every Tiny Space

Getting the lighting right in any room makes everything else about the room fall into place. A well decorated but poorly lit room can look awful under the glare of the faintest light., For your textures and accessories to stand out, ensure that there is adequate light in every corner of your small space. Where […]

Tips to Make your Small Room Appealing

Decorating a small room can be as much fun as decorating a more spacious one. While it can be challenging to transform a tiny space, it also offers the opportunity to experiment with different patterns, designs and colors in one area. Color should be your first consideration when decorating any small room. When you get […]

Arrange the Room to Expand It

Many times we get by with the same furniture arrangement in our small living space year after year because we have grown comfortable with it. We are scared of moving things around and disturbing the serenity which often makes us forget just how small our rooms are. Perhaps the large sofa in the middle of […]

Pink bedroom décor ideas

Pink bedroom décor ideas

People who like an exotic color for their rooms should go for the color pink. You can use different shades of pink for coloring the room. You can flaunt various shades of pink for decorating your pink bedroom as well. Choosing the pink color for your bedroom Choose the best shade of pink color in […]

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