Ideas for Decorating Small Living Space

You can live in a small space, yet make it look refined and fascinating. The most idea furniture that goes with small spaces is the multipurpose furniture that is easily convertible. You can use light colours and decorate a single piece of furniture with bold colour pillows, curtains, etc. Using décor to minimum keeps the space breathing.

Use minimum showpieces and other display items in a small space. Instead hang only a single piece of art or a wall piece or a sculpture, etc. Play more with the tone of the room rather than furniture. Keep furniture light and less ornate. Do not use furniture that is too creative or funky in a small space. Cushioned stools, ottomans, bean bags, work great for any narrow space.

Use high ceiling and avoid false ceiling all together. Avoid mirrors anywhere in the décor in your living room. Keep the foliage to outdoor and avoid rugs if you can. Use colour coordination and minimalistic motif to create a dramatic effect. Use soft lights and avoid contemporary designs in décor items. The most ideal way to décor a narrower space is to keep it uncluttered and elegant.



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