Work that Miniature Bedroom into a Comfy Spot

As the centerpiece in the room, the bed needs to be placed in a way that makes it the focus of the bedroom.

If space allows it, keep the bed at the centre of the room. If your bedroom is very small, placing the bed against the wall is quite in order. You will be able to give the room an airy feel if you extend your drapes beyond the windows, so that they are nearly covering the entire wall.

A matching color for your drapes and walls will help advance the spacious look. If you would rather have a different color on the walls, you can match your drapes and beddings.

Do not use a very small rug as this will only emphasize the smallness of the room. Get a rug that covers the entire length and width of your bed to make the room appear longer. It would be great if you can spare some inches for a chair, desk or both for your displays or to work from.

If this is but a dream for you, get creative with the space above the bed. A couple of divided shelves will hold your books, CDs and pieces of art you would like to display.


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